Community Grants Program

The Foundation is proud to partner with local non-profit organizations which do important work every day to address the educational, civic and cultural needs of Muhlenberg County.  The Community Grants program was established in December 2008 to facilitate these partnerships and support opportunities that arise within the County.  Qualifying organizations are invited to submit an application and grants are awarded quarterly.  In addition to the $17 million in grants initiated by the Board of Directors and Task Force, the Foundation has awarded almost 250 Community Grants totaling over $2.1 million to over 60 organizations serving Muhlenberg County.  

For more information about the program and the application process, please visit our "Applying for a Grant" page.

To see a list of Community Grant Recipients, please see:

     2014-2015 Community Grants Recipients

     2013-2014 Community Grant Recipients

     2012-2013 Community Grant Recipients

For a full list of Community Grant Recipients, please click Community Grants List.