Grantmaking Overview

Each year, the Foundation anticipates distributing over $2.5 million to benefit Muhlenberg County.  The bulk of the Foundation's grantmaking is focused on strategic philanthropy, seeking to achieve long-term solutions which will lead to a stronger Muhlenberg.  To achieve these goals of transformational change, the Foundation works with people of Muhlenberg County to set priorities about what needs to be done, and develop strategies about the best way to do it.

We recognize that there are many local programs which are currently doing important work in our key areas of need.  Since 2008, the Foundation has set aside funds for a competitive grants program designed to meet community needs in Muhlenberg County.  Nonprofit organizations, churches and government entities are invited to submit applications for new or expanded projects that address the educational, civic and cultural needs of the county.  For more information or to apply for the Community Grants Program, please visit the Applying for a Community Grant page.

In addition to local organizations doing great work, the Foundation also prioritizes developing leaders who are committed to making a difference in Muhlenberg County. The Foundation created the Community Leadership Fund which provides funding designed to support groups that require funding to research solutions to local issues in Muhlenberg County, as well as supporting leadership development opportunities for Muhlenberg leaders whose knowledge can then be brought back to the county to initiate change. For more information or to apply for the Community Leadership Program, please visit the Community Leadership Fund page.

In Spring 2023, the Foundation introduced its newest competitive grants program, Spruce Up the 'Berg Grants.  Spruce Up the 'Berg grants encourage Muhlenberg County residents to make a difference in their own neighborhoods and downtowns by beautifying or reimagining public spaces.  

To find a full list of grants awarded in 2023-2024,

click on Grants Awarded Fiscal Year 2024