The historic tornado outbreak on December 10 has had a catastrophic impact on Muhlenberg County, KY. You’ve heard the stories of the loss of human life, devastating injuries, and the annihilation of communities, homes, and businesses. For Muhlenberg County, these stories are more than flashes on the news, they are the stories of our friends and families, of our emergency responders and volunteers, of our teachers, parents, church families, and hospital workers.  Many organizations are responding to this tragic disaster that exists around us. You may be considering how you can help. The Felix E. Martin Jr, Foundation is accepting monetary contributions and will work with Muhelnberg County Long Term Disaster Relief and other local organizations to make sure that 100% of your contribution is used to support local relief efforts in Muhlenberg County.  Click here to donate.


For more information about tornado resources for Muhlenberg County residents, click here.


For our regular quarterly grants, the next deadline for grant applications is January 17, 2022.



About The Foundation

The Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation is committed to empowering the residents of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, building on the strengths of the community as they shape the best possible place to live, work and raise a family. To fulfill this vision, the Foundation actively seeks projects and partnerships, supporting transformative ideas that build a more vibrant community and expand opportunities for all who live in Muhlenberg County.

Established through a trust created in 2008 by Felix E. Martin Jr. (1927-2007) for the “civic, cultural, and educational benefit of the citizens of Muhlenberg County,” the Foundation has since distributed over $32 million to benefit the community of approximately 31,000 residents.

The Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation is a supporting organization of the Community Foundation of Louisville, and is dedicated to supporting needs in Muhlenberg County - both today and for generations to come.