Barbie Hunt

Barbie Hunt of Madisonville, KY, holds a BFA in Painting, MA in ceramics and MA in English Literature. She is an author, as well as artist and owner of Barbie Hunt Studio.

For the past ten years, Barbie has served as co-trustee of the Mahr Trust along with Old National Bank. Barbie was the founding Director of the Glema Mahr Center for the Arts at Madisonville Community College, and has worked with city government to develop the Mahr Park Arboretum. Barbie and her husband also serve as founders and directors of the Main Street Prayer Center, a regional center of Healing Rooms Ministries.

Rush, Barbie’s husband, was Mr. Martin’s attorney and served as one of the original Board members and as Board Chair of the Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation. Rush is a lawyer who practices in a family law firm with his daughter, Lara, and son-in-law, James Greene.

Together, Barbie and Rush have two adult children and six amazing grandchildren.