Foundation Leadership

Board of Directors

    Mark Campisano, Chair

    Barbie Hunt, Vice Chair

    Mike Mercer, Treasurer

    Lanie Gardner

    Tony Peyton

    Mimi Zinniel

    Ronald Gallo, Ex-Officio 

    Roderick J. Tompkins Sr., Ex-Officio


Advisory Council

The Foundation’s Advisory Council is a group of local residents who volunteer their time serving as ambassadors between the Foundation and multiple facets of the community. They act as liaisons and provide advice to the board of directors and staff on local challenges and opportunities. Members also provide expert guidance and different lenses of experience on the Foundation’s focus areas including economic development, quality education and training, community development and quality of place, community engagement and collaboration, and health and human services.

    Jessica Browning

    Gary Carver

    Elizabeth Anne "E.A." Gentry

    Brittney Hernandez-Stevenson

    Freddie Mayes

    R. Logan Porter

    C. Dean Rowe

    Peggy Williams



    Alyssa Manning, President

    Meredith Zahirovic, Director of Grants

    Joanie Van Horn, Associate

    Vicki Yonts, Program Manager for SOAR Early Childhood Education

    Stacey Hudson, Program Assistant for SOAR Early Childhood Education

    Lisa Greene, Program Manager for Muhlenberg Achieves Postsecondary Success

    Terri Oakley, Program Coordinator for Muhlenberg Achieves Postsecondary Success